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All donations support the activities planned for the reunion. Also, our class account ("Paly 63 Reunion") contributes to Paly facilities, such as "Class of 1963" bricks.


•   Dean C. Rathbun Sr  2/26
•   Daniel (Dan) Johnson  1/26
•   Barbara Capone (Prince)  1/20
•   Jonathan Longcore (John Robert Schneider)  11/2
•   Lori Sherman (Day)  8/31
•   Douglas Waples  8/17
•   Ken Rohrs  7/29
•   Virginia (Ginna) La Haderne (Meadows)  7/18
•   Bob Heinrich  3/8
•   Edith Kirk (Miller)  2/15
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•   Leslie Getz  2019
•   Richard E. Reeder  2019
•   Janina Ramey Novak 
•   Larry Hillhouse  1978
•   Arthur Frederick Gleim, Jr.  1970



Who lives where - click links below to find out.

10 live in Arizona
229 live in California
11 live in Colorado
3 live in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
1 lives in District Of Columbia
2 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Guam
5 live in Hawaii
3 live in Idaho
5 live in Illinois
3 live in Maine
1 lives in Maryland
3 live in Massachusetts
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Montana
9 live in Nevada
2 live in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
2 live in New York
3 live in North Carolina
12 live in Oregon
3 live in Pennsylvania
2 live in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
5 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
3 live in Virginia
18 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Manitoba
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Brazil
1 lives in Denmark
1 lives in Egypt
1 lives in France
1 lives in Italy
22 location unknown
76 are deceased


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February 2021

Hello Paly Vikes Alumni,

First, let’s hope for a better 2021 for the whole world!! For us, we hope Paly Alumni reunions and other activities can resume in the fall. Until then, take time to enjoy your wonderful website. As of now, Palo Alto High School will not hold regular classes this school year. I know this is very hard on the students because my two Paly grandchildren (one, a senior) have told me regularly how much they are missing actual school.  For this school year, Staff is developing alternate small safe gatherings and a graduation of some sort. Plans change daily so best to check the website or Palo Alto Weekly online.

Except for reunions, Paly Alumni is open and WE NEED YOUR HELP with donations to support the following projects.

$1000 for Website Software: Skilled volunteers maintain your website. Be sure to explore your website and check regularly for updates and additions. Discover the Paly Journalism Archives, take a tour of Paly and visit with friends.

$2,000 for Scholarships: The Alumni Board has again approved two scholarships of $1000 each for qualifying graduating seniors.

$3,000/yr. for the PALY JOURNALISM DIGITAL ARCHIVE  SITE accessible through the alum website. Check out and/or download past publications including yearbooks and Campaniles from way back to the present. A valuable resource. Without funding, the Journalism Archive Project will be completely  removed.  






$10,000 for 10 new picnic/work tables on campus. Paly Admin has requested more of the heavy metal tables with attached benches so students can work safely outdoors.

All donations are tax deductible.

You can easily donate to our nonprofit. To the right on the Homepage of the website you'll see boxes where you can click on "Donate" for the item of your choice.  Or select the Menu item, “Donate” at the upper-right on the Homepage and it will take you to the Donation Page to donate by check or credit card*. *PLEASE NOTE: A 5.9% processing fee will be applied to all credit card transactions reducing the total amount of your gift.  Please allow for the difference when making your donation, or if you prefer, mail a check. You will need to join our website in order to donate via credit card.  If you have not joined the site, we invite you to do so. (see First-Time Visitor Instructions on the Home Page). Our site is free and very secure.

Please make checks payable to: 
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Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School  
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Please note on your check the project of choice for your donation, i.e. "Scholarships", "Alumni Assoc.", etc. 

We thank you for your ongoing support of Paly and the Alumni. Additional donations for the projects outlined above will be much appreciated by Paly students, staff and Alumni.

Go Vikings!!


Edith Kirk Miller '63, Alum Chair, and the Paly Alumni Board













Click here to view our '63 yearbook on facebook!

Paly 1963    50 years later !! August 24, 2013

51 years later:  April 2014- Hope this finds everyone catching up with old/ new friends since our big reunion. Be sure to enjoy the photos and read over the profiles of classmates. 

Please let us know if any of our classmates pass away- we would like to include them on the IN MEMORY page so classmates can add memories, just as Carmel Bently did recently after the death of her friend Ginny Kuhn.

March 16, 2014 was a big day- FAREWELL PLAY GYM party.  Lots of Paly alums and families celebrated the gym before it is torn down this summer, to be replaced by a brand new facility. Go to for great videos and descriptions. 

 We plan is to keep this website operating until next reunion -2018!- so please keep your page updated  and  contact old/new friends. If you have trouble, contact Bill Maddaus, Ole Prahm or Edie Kirk Miller for help.




The “Road from Copenhagen to Darwin” By Ken Rohrs, Play class of ‘63

June 28th to September 1st


I departed the US on October 10th, 1968. In the past 53 years I have taught school in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Denmark. I have never experienced as difficult a move, as this summer’s move from Copenhagen to Darwin, NT, Australia. I am retired, but my wife had accepted a position of Deputy Principal (Deputy Head of School in American terminology) in Darwin.


We never expected that once we arrived in Australia, that as a resident Ken would not be able to freely leave or unable also to visit friends and relatives in Australia. Interstate quarantines and lock downs restrict our internal movement inside Australia, and residents could not leave Australia without a travel exemption.


Our journey is sort of a mix of Murphey's Law and Franz Kafka's views on reality "having a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality".


Interstate quarantines and lock downs restricted our internal movement inside Australia.



Stage 1:

In March, we began the process of moving to Australia by purchasing tickets on KLM from CPH-AMS-SIN-SYD. Then 8-days later KLM cancelled our confirmed fully paid booking. After 10-days of trying to get another booking, we finally got one via CPH-AMS-SIN-SYD that required a 15-hour connection in Singapore.


On March 17th, Ken applied for an Australian “spousal residence visa”. Anxiety increased until the visa’s 6-days before our scheduled departure.


Stage 2

Although we were fully vaccinated before departing Copenhagen, we needed valid negative Covid PCR (down the throat and up the nose). Since a test is only valid for 72 hours, we had three PCR tests done on June 26th, June 27th, and June 28th to cover our transits in route and arrival in Sydney.


Stage 3

At Sydney we were escorted from customs by NSW Police and ADF (Australian Defence Force) personnel to a designated bus, to our quarantine hotel, and finally into our room. We had no key to re-enter our room. Being outside the room was subject to an expensive fine and possible jail time.


Delivered food was left on a chair outside the door. We opened the door only to retrieve food, put out rubbish, and change linens on day 8. We were billed AUD$4,500 (US$3,315.00) for our quarantine experience.


Stage 4

Australia had been doing very well compared internationally to contain Covid-19 with lockdowns. For the 19-months from February 2020 through July 1, 2021, Australia had nationwide total of only 30,321 cases and 910 deaths.


AstraZeneca is manufactured at a facility in Australia and available to any Australian who wishes it. However, the negative publicity about AstraZeneca and the success of the lock downs and quarantines, did not generate sense an urgency to get vaccinated.


With the arrival of the Delta variant, between July 1st and mid-August 14th new cases have risen to 800+ new case/day.  In the past 9-weeks the number of deaths nationwide has risen from a total of 910 to 950 deaths. The Delta variant has strained Australia’s extensive track and tracing system. Therefore, more drastic lock downs, quarantines, and penalties have been imposed.  

After quarantine, we moved to our sister-in-law’s. Under Sydney’s covid lockdown, movement was limited to a 5 km (3-mile), facemasks required outside the front door, and limited to 1-person per household per day to enter the grocery store, etc.


As part of NSW’s massive contact tracing, we had to scan a “QR” code when entering or exiting “public” and commercial buildings. Widespread Covid testing is also done.



Our permitted 5- Km radius from our lock down residence.


Text Box: Our permitted 5- Km radius from our lock down residence. 
Australia is a full-blown democracy, and many do not like the limitations of quarantines and lock downs. Rule breakers are subject to arrest, fines, and jail time. I can’t imagine how rights rather than communal responsible advocates in America would react to being traced, fined, and potentially imprisoned for ignoring quarantine and lockdown regulations.


Stage 5

We needed an exemption to enter the Northern Territory and enter a second 14-day quarantine upon arrival.


We booked an August 10th Qantas flight to Darwin on Tuesday, August 17th. Our exemption was granted on Wednesday, August 11th. QANTAS cancelled confirmed flight on August 13th. Fortunately, QANTAS rebooked us on an August 18th flight. We were so excited to enter another 14-days of quarantine!!! Here are links to three descriptive articles about our Howard Springs quarantine “accommodation”.  Article 1 - The Guardian ,  Article 2 - Washington Post , and Article 3 - NYTimes


Stage 6

When we re-emerge from 14-days of quarantine, we then can begin to look for a place to live and where to store our container of household possessions. We hope to be able to settle in by Christmas, 6 months after departing Copenhagen.


Darwin is at the “top end of Australia, only 12.46 degrees latitude from the Equator,and a 2 ½ hour flight from Bali (when travel is possible)



The Kakadu, the land of the saltwater crocodiles

(FYI-Honolulu is 21.18 degrees from the Equator, and Havana is 23.12 degrees)




Kent Hinckley (Paly '61) has just published his second book entitled, "THE THORIUM STRATAGEM" a Russian espionage political thriller. 

Kent is offering a discount on the eBook from $4.99 to 99 cents until Christmas through  Use promo code: Kent99.

The paperback version is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Read the first few chapters on Kent's website