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Meredith Day

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06/02/13 11:45 PM #1    

Roger Downs

Meridith was married to Wendell Johnson who dropped out of school. Did not know her very well, but did know Wendell. He was a fun good crazy kind of guy! 

06/04/13 09:20 AM #2    

Marianne Spencer (Pearlman)

Meredith (Merry) and I were close friends.  I miss her greatly.  I even kept up with her father after she died until he passed away.  James Day was a wonderful man who was one of the founders of public television.

Loved Wendell too - and yes, he was crazy - and brilliant!

Thanks for your comment and I hope to see you at the reunion. 

Marianne Spencer (now Pearlman)

06/21/13 10:31 AM #3    

Bob Tyson

I caught up with Meredith in New York, early 90s when she was making very beautiful paintings in her lower Broadway loft. That friendship boosted me as I transitioned to making creative work the center of my life. She was a warm friend, always sharp but gentle. For many years she worked in the 'education' department of the Metropolitan Museum, later led arts tours in Italy.

It was a kind of crossing of journeys. As we reconnected, I was often visiting Italy, too. Her energy as artist nourished my own. [Her appetite, whether for Mexican, Thai, or Chinese, all readily and well available steps from her loft, was considerable, and considerably encouraging, too!]

Her passing, with others among us passed, too, does jolt me to thinking about our mortality. She had remarked that Wendell Johnson, her husband and Paly boyfriend, had suicided as a gesture of 'look at me now', but she somehow transcended even that loss and conveyed, beyond her sadness -- love is love -- a greater strength in staying with the center, with what really matters in the end. For her, that included her work, her friends, and living life.

06/21/13 12:47 PM #4    

Paul Reinhardt

Like Bob, I visited Meredith in the 90's in New York. I was with my mother, also an artist and painter, and my wife. We were all blown away by Meredith's gentle, quiet demeanour and wonderful huge canvas's. A very creative gal!

06/21/13 03:49 PM #5    

Jean Blout (Stone)

I had Meredith in several of my classes and always liked her, though I did not know her well. I had Wendell in classes also, so I knew them both. He was definitely different. They were only married briefly before he committed suicide, maybe 2-3 years or so.

Indeed, the lengthy list of those who have passed is sobering. I see many names of folks I would have loved to see this time -- may they rest in peace.


06/24/13 06:01 PM #6    

Jane Israel (Honikman)

I have also been deeply touched by each and every comment contributed to our lost childhood friends. I've learned so much and I thank you.  It has made me realize how little I knew while we were young but now my life feels richer from learing about them as adults.  We are keeping them with us by sharing our memories.

07/25/13 07:48 PM #7    

Virginia (Ginna) La Haderne (Meadows)

Meredith and I were good friends. We both hated history and spent most of it passing notes back and forth to kill the time. I saved many of her notes because her sketches and cartoons were so cool! We would skateboard to Newell Park or walk our dogs together. I remember going to her birthday and instead of the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, they served shiskabab. It seemed very exotic to me. She had a wonderful sense of humor and cracked me up! At the 20 year Paly reunion she sat next to me. After 20 years it seemed like no time had passed at all. I wasn't surprised that she live in NY and worked at the Met. It was always fun to meet her on her own turf. She was so full of crativity, everything she did was fantastic! A real loss with her gone.


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