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Nancy Robison

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02/28/13 01:44 PM #1    

Edith Kirk (Miller)

Nancy was one of my first friends when I moved to Palo Alto in ninth grade.  We stayed close friends, even attending Smith College together.  She and her husband Hank ( who was a friend of mine before I even met Nancy) had a wonderful life together and were real community leaders in Missoula , Mt. where Hank taught at the University and Nancy was a CPA.  Their lives were cut short when their canoe capsized and they drowned in Flathead Lake in January, 2008.  I miss her every day. 

03/28/13 12:03 AM #2    

Marian Beard (Wehmeier)

When Nancy returned to the Bay Area after graduating from Smith, she and I lived together for a year in the most nondescript apartment you can imagine in Mountain View.  She and Hank married and ended up in Missoula.  We reconnected in 1975, and my husband Dan and I started visiting Nancy and Hank every three years in Montana.  These were wonderful vacations as their daughters (Sarah and Emily) and our sons grew up.  Wildhorse Island on Flathead Lake is a treasured place for us.  Like Edie, I think of Nancy every day.

04/03/13 08:03 PM #3    

Kelvin Seifert

During senior year, Nancy and I often sat together during a study period in the balcony of the school library, an area supposedly reserved for "privilege card" holders. We had many interesting conversations--good for building my confidence in talking with the opposite sex, which needed all the help it good get in those days! (And yes, we did eventually go on a "date," but only one that I recall.) I will miss her.


04/21/13 07:53 AM #4    

Julie Dubbs

     I knew Nancy best during elementary school.  On her tenth birthday she had a slumber party and invited several friends.  We amused ourselves by jumping on the furniture and dancing around the livingroom to Perry Como singing 'Hot Diggity Dog Ziggity Boom.'  Finally at midnight Mrs. Robison came out and told us to be quiet, get in our sleeping bags, and turn off the lights.  We whispered and giggled for a while, trying to think of something to do that wouldn't wake up Mrs. Robison. Someone had the bright idea to go outside and lay down in the street (Byron St.) in our sleeping bags.  One person would stand up watching for the headlights of a car so we could have the excitement of jumping up and running back on the lawn.  We did it but no cars came.  So we hopped, in our sleeping bags, to the corner of Oregon Ave. and Middlefield Rd., where there was a stop sign and surely there would be some traffic.  But no cars ever came so we hoped back home to Nancy's house.  What a stupid thing to do!!!  ...but it was exciting.

    Nancy was a great friend.  She taught me how to ride a flexie and she could run faster than any boy or girl in her neighborhood.

06/04/13 11:32 AM #5    

Ginger Armstrong (Duzet)

I was shocked to read about the passing of Nancy and her husband.  Bill and I enjoyed spending time with them at the 40th reunion picnic at Paly.  She was always very friendly.

06/05/13 07:16 PM #6    

Marianne Spencer (Pearlman)

Nancy was one of the first people I met in our Girl Scout troop during 7th grade at Jordan.  I remember her broad smile, her enthusiasm and her warm welcome.  She was a great athlete.  What a loss.  I'm sad I won't see her again!

08/19/13 06:09 AM #7    

Richard L. (Dick) Barkley

So sad to hear of Nancy's passing. Nancy grew up on Byron St. Of her contemperaries, Scott Stedman, Walter Hewlett, Creig Medlan, and myself, she was the only girl on the street anywhere near her age. So, guess what, she was a great "tom boy" weather she wanted to be or not and thus became quite a "jock". I remember, among other things, that the Robinsons had a great sand box in their back yard that we all spent many hours playing with our Dinky Toys.

I forget the exact year, but it was probably 6th grade or so, they moved to India. Her father worked for SRI and there was some kind of research project he was doing there. When they moved back, it was not to Byron St. so we became less connected. I do rember her telling of life in India, especially about the snakes!

Again, so sad her life was cut short but it sounds like she was living it to the fullest 'till the end. We should all be so lucky!

08/22/13 07:29 PM #8    

Ginni A. Penn (Hassrick)

At the 20th reunion I had such fun sharing with Nancy...she always was energetic, funny and willing to do anything on a dare...greatest laugh and sweet smile! are missed.


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